Why are millennials renting instead of buying?

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Higher-income Millennials are renting instead of buying homes

Millennials rent homes rather than buy because it has become harder on them in recent years due to the overly competitive real estate market. According to Rent Cafe, millennial income leads to millennial rent-seekers with higher-income incomes.

The share of rental applications for apartments for tenants earning at least $50,000 a year by 2021 reached 39 percent, Rent Cafe reports. A rapid rise in housing costs and bidding conflicts have pushed the percentage of people choosing a rental despite their ability to buy.

Why Millennials are renting more — and why it works for them

Rents? When selecting a living area, a teenager asks herself if she has questions about her personal life. In 2017, Pew researchers found that younger people were renting more.

The following table illustrates how much people migrated between the age of 18 and 30 in each generation into their own homes or rental properties. Around 4% of all the mover’s moved to the property of parents. The main reasons why millennial households are renting significantly above that of previous generations are as follows:

Why do Millennials prefer renting instead of buying?

Millennials were the cause for many changes in society. In the real estate sector there’s no difference between the real property sector and any business which has experienced the change in mentality and purchasing behavior.

Unlike those born earlier, millennials are pro-renters. The couple are not the savvy bunch in the real estate industry. But although most companies are aware of this, some are unsure what is behind this behavior. This is the most important reason they view this:

Would-be Millennial Homebuyers Fuel the Rise of Lifestyle Renting in 2021

In the United Kingdom more young Millennial people have decided to move away from their traditional lifestyle rental over purchasing their first home, an increasing trend. The share of applications for apartment rentals from renters making over $50k is the highest in five years. Rent is expected to become a popular option in 2024 for people who can afford to purchase homes. As many as 38% of applicants have income below $50,000 compared with 32% 5 years prior.


While we talk about Millennials, convenience should not be excluded. Younger people need flexibility in leasing because they will likely move to cities for improved opportunities, research and more earnings.

Several millennials find the expensive maintenance involved in an owned house difficult to handle and prefer to rent apartments. It is easier to move out legally with a roommate if they are not living together. The Millennial generation wants to be more productive but painting the wall is not the best solution, it’s just the wrong solution.

Would-buying Millennial Homebuyers Are Renting Large in Small Cities

While most cities tend toward home ownership, small cities also witnessed a surge of applicants among successful Millennials seeking to rent comfortably while waiting to cool down. Cities containing a population below 300000 remained the top ten spots on the list for millennials. Click the map below to see where the share of Millennials making at least $50K is fastest-growing among the Renter Generations.

But whoever’s fault it is, the consequence is the same: an increasing number of people, mostly young people, will be for ever locked out of homeownership. Untrammeled capitalism isn’t just reshaping the housing market; more insidiously, it’s trying to rethink how we think about housing.

Different views of ownership

The young generation has surprisingly shunned the idea of home ownership as an indicator of how successful the project is. It forces people to move away to buy a new house or invest money in a rental apartment or house for their own. They have a tendency to attach property to their ancestors’ notions and do not feel the need to make these big buy-out purchases, which oppose those of their grandparents.

2020 saw more Millennials abandon buying in favor of larger rents

In a recent Rent Cafe survey, 40% of renters were afraid of letting their homes go into foreclosure. According to experts, rising house prices are also increasing the need to save money. “They can’t buy a home. The lifestyle rentals suit them well. They have better money. To address these challenges, Millennial rental application numbers remain low through 2023 – the highest level.

Millennials are putting off marriage and children

A Gallup poll released this summer found the desire of millennial women for marriages is less immediate than that of the past generation. Most millennial couples delay marriage and take time to discover the desired outcomes for their lifestyles. Some of them feel less stress in their life commitments and this may affect their decision not to buy a property until the next year.

Millennials aren’t the only ones renting more, but their share of rental applicants grew by 20 percent over a year, dwarfing the 12 percent growth among Gen Xers and the 7 percent among baby boomers meeting the same income threshold. But they’re used to it: Millennials graduated from high school in the late 2000s, just as the real estate market collapsed, then faced a tough job market and crippling student-loan debt after college.

The impact of the Great Recession

The recession itself took its place on September 2007, whose effect continued and continues to be substantial. The millennial demographic possessed much larger debt and limited employment prospects than previous generations. They did not have good job possibilities or income opportunities that impeded critical decisions — such as purchasing houses or renting.

Why renting can beat buying for millennials?

Sure you build equity in a house, the interest portion of your mortgages reduces tax and the big milestones have occurred. However millennials are renting more often. Rent.com found that 8 out of 10 people do not intend to exchange their apartment for their home anytime soon. This is one of the most important reasons.

Millennials prefer to rent quality services across most of their lives. This generation of people prefer renting as a way of life. Moreover, this preference applies to homeowners, and they prefer rent over possession.

Before the Great Depression, housing bubbles exploded. It’s partly due to a bubble causing a recession. The speculation that allowed mortgage loans to go to people with low income suddenly ended.

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Student Loan Debt

Foreclosures increased at unprecedented rates, and mortgage qualifications greatly intensified. Significant student loan debt and an undesirable job market made it almost impossible for aspiring millennial home purchasers to secure mortgages under these qualifications. Why renting can beat buying for millennials Sure, buying a home is great.

Down Payment

As more millennials seek to become first-time home buyers in this immensely competitive pandemic market, many are finding that renting is the only option — even though they have the income and down payment required to make a purchase.

Rapidly rising housing prices and bidding wars have pushed up the number of people who have decided to rent despite having the income to buy a home.

Property Taxes

From a high level, the rough rule of thumb is that if you don’t plan on staying in the home or area a long time (longer than say 3-5 years), renting is often the better option. This is in part because when you buy a home, you have to factor in closing costs, a down payment, property taxes and more. This rent vs. buy calculator from Nerd Wallet can help you figure out whether it makes sense to rent or buy now.

Lifestyle renters have above-average incomes that would allow them to buy in a less competitive market. Renting with a bigger budget allows them to live in amenity-rich, higher-quality apartments. And, although the trend is most evident among Millennials, the homebuying market frenzy is deterring other generations.

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