How long does the right to buy process take?

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Right to buy

It helps landlords in England purchase their council homes for a discounted price. You could qualify if: Family members living at your place in the past year could join you on this right to buy. The longer your tenant stays, the higher the discount. The maximum discounts mentioned are £87,200 but these figures are periodically updated each year. Cost consideration You’re going to have to contact your financial planner or bank advisor to see if they’re ready to lend you money. Make sure the deals are understood prior to signing.

Why you might like to buy this product?

Maybe that’s your best chance of being a home owner. It’s possible you’ll qualify if the discount goes over £87200 if you live in London or more. The totals will increase by 11% each year from 6 April to 4 April, according to consumer prices. Your home may represent valuable property for your family and investment in future years. You could make it one more step towards a successful house. Home ownership brings pride. It will allow for more flexibility in how you do things at home, which will allow us the flexibility to change the place you want to go and where you want them.

What discount could you get?

The more you stay as a tenant, the higher the discount on the market value of your house. Discounts on houses and flats begin with three tenancies and will increase until the property values reach upto 80% depending on the duration of your rental. Visit our website for a quick Right to Purchase calculator. This will give you the opportunity to determine what discounts you can get. You could also visit local agents or website properties to determine what the property will cost. The maximum cash savings are set for April each year to coincide with a 3% inflation rate.

1 House

5% of the rental fee is available for 3 years. It remains 35% of your 5-year tenure. After five years, 1% is added to any additional term to 70% or maximum amount of cash, whichever is higher. 10year lease = 40% and 20year lease = 50%.

2 Flats

Discount starts with 50% off 3-year lease period. This will be 50% of the next five years lease. After 5 years 5% per new tenancy up to 70% or maximum cash payment whichever is higher. (e.g 10 year rental = 60% tenancies = 75%.)

Other costs of buying a home

The mortgages offered vary according to the lending institutions. The rights of the purchaser can therefore be treated as deposit, while others cannot. The best way to compare offers to get the right one is to ask the experts first. Offers free and unbiased advice. You can try comparison sites or online calculators if you want more details on what the cost is.

You can also speak with bankers, building societies, mortgage brokers or independent financial advisors. Broker and adviser fees are charged. If the transaction isn’t completed within four months of the date of the offer notice, we’ll send you two notices telling you to complete the sale.

Service charges when buying a flat or leasehold house

Some homes are leasehold. When purchasing leased land, the freeholders (your current landlords) still have to maintain the building and the surrounding area (communes) as specified by your lease. Your lease owner will pay your share of these fees called service fees. When significant work or restoration needs to take place at your property you will be responsible for the costs. The amount could cost several hundred pounds. You have a 5-year protection period against unexpected costs.

Maintenance and repairs

Your landlord cannot make any repairs to your apartment. Then organize the whole thing yourself. It can include electrical or plumbing work to costly repairs like replacing a new boiler or replacing a roof. It is advisable that you spend a small amount every month on maintenance and repairs. You will need permission to make changes such as obtaining permissions to expand – check this before starting.


It would be good to conduct a survey independently. This list lists all possible repairs and problems before buying. Costs can fluctuate with respect to the type of study. It usually costs between £200 for a basic assessment.


You have insurance for all the items inside your house. In addition to insurance, the property is insured if you rent it out. If the loan does not pay off, you can obtain supplemental financial security and life insurance.

Stamp duty

Typically the tax will be paid once you sell the home. It is determined by percentage of purchase price and is different depending upon property values. Stamp duty can not be applied to properties based on certain values.

Home improvements for leaseholders

It may be required for freeholders to change the property. The lease will list them carefully and consult your legal adviser before signing. The same rule applies to leases for both public and private buildings.

1 One-off costs

It will require you to buy a house for a one-time or ongoing cost. The cost is accurate when the document is released and is provided for guidance. For details please see our ‘helpful contacts’ page.

Where can I get help if I’m thinking of buying a leasehold property?

You can talk to local leasing companies to find out how they deal with service charges. Free advice and support can also be found at the Lease-related Advice Service.

Mortgage advice

Advice from a licensed professional financial adviser is usually available to clients in the area of home finance. The cost can vary depending on the loan amount.

Legal fees

If you wish to sell land you must consult with legal counsel or a legal vetting agent to do this. Cost is generally between £550 and £750.

Can you afford it?

In many cases, purchasing a house represents the largest investment they’ve made in their lives. The new decade has been interesting but the questions remain to be resolved. You should take into account every possible cost (not just mortgage payments) to determine whether you can afford it today or later in a situation of change.

Likewise, remember property prices can be lowered or increased. You should start looking at home ownership costs as soon as possible. Your landlord cannot do that for you. However, you will incur some fees if you decide to go ahead with the purchase, such as solicitors’ fees, surveyors’ fees, a mortgage fee, stamp duty and Land Registry fees.

2 How much can you borrow?

Depending upon what you’re able to afford and how much it’s worth. You agree to pay if the loan is valid for repayment or if you have the funds for the monthly repayment period. As the mortgage period approaches, the amount you can pay it back depends on the amount of time you can afford to pay it. Some lenders will not lend money to an apartment in high-rise blocks if it doesn’t suit your lifestyle. Even if you do not need a mortgage yourself, it’s worth checking whether lenders are willing to give you a mortgage on your home.

1 Mortgage or loan?

You may require loan that repays interest in the form of monthly payments. The interest rate may change from a fixed rate to a fixed interest rate. Please remember that interest rates may be increasing and decreasing in the very future and that means your repayments could change dramatically.

How do I apply for Right to Buy?

It takes four steps – including finding a loan – before applying for council property under the Right to Buy scheme. It should take about six weeks from the date the landlord offers you to tell them if you’re interested in buying. After the time runs out, your landlord will send you an email if you’re not responding to your offer. You can reply within two weeks if your landlord refuses your offer. No worries: During this time it may be possible to sell out or rent again.

Buying a flat

Your property management will be responsible for ensuring the exterior of this flat and the building and surroundings, these fees are referred to as maintenance fees. You have likewise paid for the major maintenance expenses. The cost could reach several tens of thousands. Our rental agent will send you a quote for all your fees for the first five years. We must, by law, therefore offer you this same opportunity You must have been a public sector tenant for at least three years Your home must not be about to be demolished.

Applying to buy

If you are interested or decide you want to purchase your home, please download the application and further information. Completed copies are mailed. When you submit the application you receive a response within four weeks. When you refuse the offer, we make sure that it is the correct reason. Bungalow – ground floor apartments You cannot purchase the property when you have the bungalow or the ground-floor home that suits older persons. However you can ask your property tribunal whether this applies for your residence. Valuations.

Step two – Get acceptance or refusal of your application

Our system receives confirmation that you’re a property owner and he’s notified that you have reclaimed your property. Those who are not interested are asked to provide the reason for their refusal on the back page of the application. The form is sent to us within four weeks for tenants of more than 30 years or within the same time, within ten days.

Step three – Have your property valued and get a formal offer

Your landlord will contact you to inspect the properties value and the value. A professional surveyor can assess the power efficiency in your residence. The Right to Purchase offers will give the buyer energy-efficient certificates. These offers are called Landlord Offer Notices.

If you disagree with the price quoted

You can appeal to the district valuer if the quote price is unacceptable. An independent assessment of the project’s value. You must agree with District Valuers if you want more than original offer.

Get a formal offer

You will be receiving the offer notification within six to eight weeks if you buy an apartment. If it is time to move forward then it is ok for us to do. This also applies if you agree to transfer ownership of the property to someone else in the future.

Step four – Refuse or accept our offer

You can send us an email within 12 weeks of receiving your Section125 notice. Tell us how you are doing this. You will receive a cancellation notice within 30 days unless you do not contact us by mail. In certain cases, we might let your request more than once.

Arranging a mortgage

Approvals for mortgages typically last three months. Once your offers have been received then you have to arrange your loan. Then your survey and legal expenses begin. Depending on your arrangement you might have to restart your business.

Step one Complete an application form

The initial step is to complete the RTB 1 application. You can also request our mailing address. RTB1 Form (Gov – United Kingdom) Please submit this form to Homeowners Service. It may result in fraud in the event you claim something.

Do you have the right to buy?

No one should do this alone. You are welcome to apply jointly for this. You can also sell a new home by saying you can answer ‘yes’. Your property manager will need to confirm that.

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